To improve access for out of Cape Town patients, Professor Dunn offers the option of VideoConsultations (VC).  This is all so more important with the current COVID situation and allows risk reduction for patients by avoiding unnecessary hospital and other patient contact.


Face to face physical examination remains best but in many cases VC will do.  The Heath Professions Council SA has recently amended their regulations to allow NEW patient VC, as opposed to EXISTING patient consults, where it is in the patients interest.


To proceed to a VC the patient will need to:


complete a patient details form and email it to us

consent to a VC

indicate which software platform they would prefer from Zoom, MS Teams, Skype and WhatsApp.  In addition, Prof Dunn has a browser based VC system available where no app is require, should the patient not be tech savvy.

the patient should indicate which radiology practice performed their imaging, as Prof Dunn has access to many.  If not, the imaging should be made available – preferably electronically, else couriered.  The imaging DICOM files should be sent prior to the consultation by or shared via or equivalent.  They are usually too large for conventional email.

a time slot will be scheduled

prior to this a payment will need to be made for the VC – current rates are R1200 for the first consult including VAT.  A receipted invoice will be emailed to the patient to claim back from their medical aid.  Prof Dunn regards this as a face to face consult, NOT a telephonic consult as there will be a full history taken, imaging reviewed and video of the patient assessed.  Your medical aid may or may not agree with this view.

for the VC, particular for deformity complaints such as adolescent scoliosis, suitable clothing should be worn that will facilitate clinical assessment.  A bathing costume or sports bra and short pants are appropriate with a covering gown whilst consulting.  The patient will be asked to indicate where their pain is and show the deformity if appropriate.

It is possible for a family member / 3rd party to connect to the VC remotely, should the patient require this.